Faculty in Numbers

  • 1 major program (public administration), 2 degrees (Bachelor’s and Master’s) and 2 modes of study (full-time and extramural), 
  • 69 research and teaching staff, 
  • 4 departments (Department of Economic Law and Economic Policy, Department of Administrative Law and Public Policy Science, Department of Administrative Sciences and Security in Administration and Department of Philosophy and Ethics in Administration), 
  • 1 research center with worldwide reach (International Center for Formal Ontology), 
  • 12 countries participating in student exchange with Faculty of Administration and Social Sciences (WAiNS),  
  • more than 600 students,
  • over 50 years of teaching tradition at Warsaw University of Technology (Institute of Economic and Social Sciences – 1969). 


The list of WAiNS graduates includes those at managerial positions in public administration (ministries) and private sector (banking), as well as employees of state offices and local government, including communal budget units or offices of administrative units of local government units. Our alumni are also among the workforce of successful non-governmental organizations across Poland.