The Faculty of Administration and Social Sciences at Warsaw University of Technology carries out research and didactic tasks of interdisciplinary nature. In keeping with the mission of Warsaw University of Technology and drawing on the long-standing, rich tradition of education at our university, it keeps developing its own innovative study programme: Administration. This programme incorporates a variety of fields of study and provides students with the opportunity to gain a broad spectrum of knowledge in many areas, including legal, economic, technical, and humanistic domains. This broad approach allows students to gain unique competences and constitutes an important asset in today's labour market.

The high quality of education at bachelor’s and master's levels in curricula with a general academic profile is confirmed by the assessments of the Polish State Accreditation Commission. 

Teaching activities cover the education of students in the field of Administration in bachelor's and master's curricula with a general academic profile as well as educational offers to all other faculties of Warsaw University of Technology, as part of its external study programme.

Faculty staff also conduct seminars and examinations for doctoral students at Warsaw University of Technology.

The Faculty of Administration and Social Sciences is active in research across all disciplines: legal sciences, philosophy, sociology, economics and finance, political and administrative sciences, and security sciences. For more detailed information on research activities at our faculty, please visit our Research page.

Social sciences and humanities are an integral part of Warsaw University of Technology. We invite you to get to know our Faculty - its history, heritage, as well as our present and future projects: