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Dear Students,

The Faculty of Administration and Social Sciences (WAiNS) is an interdisciplinary unit well aligned with the nature of a technical university. We challenge our students not only to understand how science changes the society and the environment, but also motivate you to influence these changes as future professionals. You are the future; you will be the ones administering the activities of various institutions – public and otherwise.

We offer you a curriculum based on the versatility expected by the labor market.  The strength of our academic community lies in the diversity of knowledge and specialties across disciplines. Our staff teaches multidisciplinary skills, in line with the expectations of internal and external stakeholders. 

Our involvement in your education does not end when the classroom doors close. We encourage you to embark on a path to discovering your professional future as much as following your personal interests and passions!

We do hope that your stay in Warsaw at our Faculty will be fruitful and unforgettable.